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Boxhead 2

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bh-rooms-ssAmong the Boxhead flash games, Boxhead 2 is the first that offers you multiplayer mode. Both players should work together to stand against the crowds of evil zombies. There are a lot of different maps in Boxhead 2 that you will really enjoy. Almost all of them have blasting boxes and barrels of oil. Use them to kill a lot of zombies at a time.Also the varity of weapons in Bixhead is really huge. You can use different types of pistols, shotguns,grenades and many others. Remember that some of the weapons may not be available at the beginning of the game. You will unlock them during the game. Another feature of Boxhead 2 that all players enjoy is ability to change the look of your chracter.It's rather entertaining and funny.

Another thing that is new in Boxhead 2 is types of zombies. The developers added new zombies according to their look and skills. For example, some of them can move faster but are not strong, while others can move faster but require several shots to die. The game offers you 3 game modes: Multiplayer, Single Mode and DeathMatch. In multiplayer mode both players should play from the same PC. I hope that you will enjoy the 2nd version of Boxhead game at our website.